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Voluntary Removal from the Register

You can remove your name from one or all divisions in which you are currently registered. Registrants generally voluntarily remove their names from all divisions if they are taking a career break, retiring or moving to work abroad. 

We highly recommend that you voluntarily remove your name from the Register rather than let your registration lapse (that is, not renew your registration on time). This will ensure that you will avoid paying increased restoration fees in the future.

The voluntary removal facility is open at all times on MyNMBI except for a very short period of time to allow the Board to remove registrants for non-payment of retention fee. 

If you decide to return to your nursing or midwifery practice at a later stage, you will be able to restore your name to the Register. You will also need to comply with the restoration requirements at the time of restoration.

Overview of the voluntary removal process:

For more detailed information on voluntary removals please read our Registrant User Guide.

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Registrant User Guide

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