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Application forms for online completion or download

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland has a range of registration forms for registered nurses, registered midwives, applicants and candidates.   It is necessary to login to the website to access the majority of these forms through the My Account section.

Forms for nurses and midwives

If you are already on the Register of Nurses or Midwives, or have been previously on the Register, the following forms are relevant to you:

  • Advanced Practice Registration Form
  • Advanced Practice Post Accreditation Form
  • Advanced Practice Transcript Form
  • Advanced Practice Re-Validation Application Form
  • ARF Certificate Re-Issue Form
  • Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA) Form
  • CPA Renewal Form
  • Nurse Prescriber Application Form
  • Nurse Tutor Registration Form
  • Postgraduate Registration Form
  • Public Health Registration Form
  • Replacement Certificate Form
  • Restoration Form
  • Termination of CPA Form
  • Verification (CCPS)

All of these forms are accessible through the My Account section once you are logged in.

Reactivate my Registration Form 

If you are a Nurse or Midwife who is inactive on the Register, you can download the Reactivation Form to reactivate your Registration.  On this form you will need to complete:

  • Part A - personal details
  • Part B - credit card mandate to pay annual retention fee

Please note that the reactivation fee you pay covers the Annual Retention Fee for the current year.  If you submit a Reactivation Form in 2017 you will be issued with an Annual Retention Certificate for 2017, which will expire on 31 December 2017. You must then pay the 2018 annual retention fee of €100 on 1 January 2018.

Forms for overseas applicants


If you trained outside Ireland, and you want to apply for Registration to the NMBI, you must first complete our online Overseas Registration Application Request Form. You do not need to be logged into the website to access this online form, which is the first step in NMBI’s five-step application process.
You may also need to access the following forms following the outcome of an assessment of your application:

  • Adaptation Placement Request Form
  • Appeals Form

These forms can be accessed through the My Account section once you are logged in.

Form for undergraduate registration

If you are an undergraduate nursing/midwifery student in an Irish third level institution, you are considered a candidate by NMBI.  If you have successfully completed a NMBI approved undergraduate nursing/ midwifery  programme,  you must complete the Undergraduate Registration Form to apply for registration as a nurse or midwife with NMBI.

Please carefully read the instructions on page one before completing any part of the application form, as failure to correctly complete this form may result in delays in processing your application.

Form for employers

Employers will need to complete the Advanced Practice Rotation Form to seek NMBI approval for rotation of Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners (RANPs) and Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioners (RAMPs) between accredited sites.

It is not necessary to be logged in to access the Advanced Practice Site Rotation Form.

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