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Advice for Employers on Registration

As an employer, it is vital that you only employ nurses and midwives who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). Nurses and midwives cannot legally practise in Ireland unless they are registered with NMBI.

You must ensure that you only hire registered nurses and midwives. You must regularly check your employees’ registration status during their employment with you.

The easiest and most reliable way to check registration status is by visiting Check the Register

Check the Register contains the registration status, the registration expiry date, division(s) the nurse or midwife is registered under, and any fitness to practice conditions attached to registration. 

If a nurse or midwife does not renew their annual registration before the deadline, they will be removed from the Register for non-payment of annual retention fees. NMBI will contact any known employers to inform them of the removal of nurses. We advise employers to check the Register at the beginning of every year to ensure that renewals took place.

Advice for Candidates Supervisors

NMBI maintains a Candidate Register of undergraduate nursing and midwifery students in Ireland. Applicants who qualified outside Ireland and are completing an adaptation and assessment placement are also registered in the Candidate Register. 

Candidates must be on the Candidate Register for the duration of their training programme or adaptation and assessment placement.

You must ensure that students and applicants are registered on the Candidate Register before coming into direct contact with patients or clients and their families. 

The easiest and most reliable way to check a candidate’s registration status is on Check the Register

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