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RANPs/RAMPs: Expert Practitioners with Clinical Leadership

Advanced practitioners are educated to master’s degree level and have the competencies to be senior decision makers that undertake a comprehensive advanced physical and/or mental health assessment of patients with complex multiple healthcare needs. They can interpret the results of multiple different assessments and investigations to make a diagnosis, and plan and deliver care. 

As team leaders they can confidently and competently make ethical, evidence based decisions and interventions and use appropriate therapies when faced with complexity and assess and manage the risk associated with these decisions. The ANPs /AMPs can prescribe and work with individuals to manage their medicines. 

Typically, they work independently but also as part of an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary team where they plan and provide skilled and competent care to meet a patient's health and social care needs. Involving or referring on to other members of the healthcare team as appropriate they can safely discharge a patient within their scope of practice. 

Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners (RANPs) and Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioners (RAMPs) work within an agreed scope of practice and meet established criteria set by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) to register as either an RANP or a RAMP. 

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