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The table below shows the current fee schedule for registration with NMBI.


Summary of fees Fee
Annual Retention Fee €100
Advanced Nurse or Midwife Practitioners Registration Fee €145
Appeals Fee €150
Candidate Registration Fee €20
Overseas Qualification Recognition Fee (including temporary and Occasional) €350
Overseas Additional Division(s) Qualification Recognition Fee €200
Overseas Registration Fee  €145
Temporary and Occasional Registration Fee €45
Overseas Additional Division(s) Registration Fee €80
Additional Division Registration Fee (Irish qualified only) for one of the following divisions:

Psychiatric Nurses, Children’s Nurses, Midwives, Nurse of Midwife Tutors, Public Health Nurses, Nurse or Midwife Prescribers
Restoration Fee (following removal for non-payment of the retention fee) €350
Restoration to the Register (following voluntary removal) €100
Superannuation charge €60
Undergraduate Registration Fee (Irish qualified only) €145
Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) fee €80

How to pay

Payments are processed as part of the submission of an application on MyNMBI
If you require assistance, please call our customer care team.

Our customer care team number: 0818 200 116.
Open: Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm

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