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Returning to the Register (Restoration)

If you were previously registered with NMBI you can submit an application to restore your registration to one or all divisions (in which you were previously registered).

Restoration applications can be submitted on MyNMBI if you voluntarily removed your registration or were removed for non-payment of the annual retention fee.

Procedures announced for Restoration to the Register for Covid-19 response

NMBI is working with the HSE and other employers to ensure that nurses and midwives willing to return to healthcare settings to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic response, including the vaccination programme, are temporarily restored to the register for free. 

Restoration fees of registrants whose registration had been removed from the NMBI Register prior to 1 December 2020 will be waived. All restorees who have engaged with NMBI recently in order to restore their registration will have their fees refunded by NMBI. The aim of this policy is to increase the available workforce to support the Covid-19 response. 

NMBI is currently updating the registration system MyNMBI so that, from Monday, 1 March 2021, fees will be waived automatically upon restoration. 

Retired nurses and midwives who are willing to assist in the vaccination programme should contact the HSE as well as NMBI to identify their availability. This provision is a key enabler to attracting retired nurses and midwives to temporarily return to the health service to support the vaccine delivery across the mass vaccination centres. 

Registrants who restored their registrations and have secured a place of employment are requested to update their employment details on MyNMBI (please log into MyNMBI, Select ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Employment Details’). Please note it is the legal responsibility of registrants to update their employment details. 

Those wishing to restore on MyNMBI and needing support with the restoration process can contact the NMBI directly by email at

Overview of the restoration process:

For more detailed information on restorations please read our Registrant Guide.

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