If you are unsatisfied with a provisional decision to refuse qualifications recognition, to impose a compensation measure or refuse registration you can submit an appeal to the Registration Committee. 

Appealing qualification recognition decisions (overseas applicants): 

Applicants can submit an appeal with respect to the following recognition decisions:

  • Decision to provisionally refuse the recognition your qualifications 
  • Decision requiring you to complete a compensation measure (adaptation placement or aptitude test)

Appealing registration decisions (Irish qualified, registrants and overseas applicants): 

Applicants can submit an appeal with respect to the following registration decisions:

  • Decision to provisionally refuse registration (Irish qualified or overseas applicants)
  • Decision to provisionally refuse restoration to the Register 

All provisional refusal decisions can be appealed to the Registration Committee within 56 days of being notified of the provisional decision. Please note that after 56 days you will no longer be able to submit an appeal on MyNMBI.

Appeals may be also submitted to the High Court. The exact timing of submission deadlines varies, depending on which decision you would like to appeal. 

Overview of the appeal process

Please read our Applicant Guide for additional information on appealing a provisional negative decision (overseas applicants only).

Further information can be found in the compensation measures section.

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Applicant User Guide

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Please read our Registrant Guide for additional information appealing a provisional registration decision.

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Registrant User Guide

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