Outcomes of Assessment

Outcomes of Assessment

Following the assessment of your application, NMBI will inform you of one of the assessment outcomes:

      1. Your qualifications have been recognised.

      2. Further information is required.

      3. You are required to successfully complete a compensation measure (applies to G2 and G3 applicants only).            A compensation measure refers to a period of adaptation or an aptitude test that needs to be successfully            completed before we can recognise your qualifications.

       This decision is taken:

  • If the theory and clinical content or hours of your overall nursing or midwifery education and training falls short of NMBI requirements, and
  • You have enough hours or appropriate content to allow you to complete compensation measure(s).

      4. Provisional refusal to recognise qualifications. This means that there are significant deficits in theory or/and            clinical content of your training compared to NMBI requirements. 

       To proceed to the next stage, your qualifications need to be recognised first. This happens when:

          1. NMBI informs you that the clinical and theoretical components of your education and training meets the                NMBI standard (meaning no compensation measure is needed), or

           2. You have successfully completed a compensation measure - a period of adaptation or an aptitude test -                 as requested by NMBI.

 For more information on the overseas qualifications recognition and registration processes, please read our         Applicant Guide.

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