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The Register of Nurses and Midwives and its Divisions

NMBI maintains the Register of Nurses and Midwives in Ireland. It is illegal to practise as a nurse or a midwife if you are not on the Register.
The Register contains 12 divisions. In Ireland, you can use the designated (abbreviated) letters below, if you are registered with NMBI in the corresponding division of the Register.

Division Designation Titles Abbreviation
General Nurses Division Registered General Nurse RGN
Midwives Division Registered Midwife RM
Children's Nurses Division Registered Children's Nurse RCN
Psychiatric Nurses Division Registered Psychiatric Nurse RPN
Intellectual Disability Nurses Division Registered Nurse Intellectual Disability RNID
Public Health Nurses Division Registered Public Health Nurse RPHN
Nurse Tutors Division Registered Nurse Tutor RNT
Midwife Tutors Division  Registered Midwife Tutor RMT
Nurse Prescribers Division Registered Nurse Prescriber RNP
Midwife Prescribers Division Registered Midwife Prescriber RMP
Advanced Nurse Practitioners Division Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioners RANP
Advanced Midwife Practitioners Division Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner RAMP

Checking or updating your data

If you are a registered nurse or midwife, you can view your public registration details on our Check the Register section.

You can also view and update your personal details on MyNMBI.

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