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Return to Nursing Practice Courses: standards and requirements

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 These standards and requirements set out the educational standards and  requirements for Return to Nursing Practice education courses. 

 These are designed to provide guidance to education providers and healthcare  institutions involved in the education of nurses in relation to the development,  delivery and evaluation of return to nursing practice courses.  

 This document outlines:

  • Introduction
  • Requirements of NMBI
  • Course participants
  • Learning outcomes
  • Course structure and duration
  • Indicative content
  • Assessment of participant’s competence
  • Entry procedure
  • Number of participants
  • Financial support
  • Participant support
  • Evaluation of the course
  • Competence assessment tool
  • Annual report

Please follow this link to our list of Post Registration courses where you will find a list of Return to Nursing Practice programmes. 

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Return to Nursing Practice Courses: Standards and Requirements

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