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Return to Nursing Practice Programmes Standards and Requirements

The purpose of the return to nursing practice programme is to enable participants to update their theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to practice as competent and professional nurses. The theoretical component is required to enable participants to acquire the knowledge, understanding and professional skills necessary to assess, plan, implement and evaluate nursing practice. The clinical component will enable them to build on the acquired knowledge, skills, and attitude development, and provide nursing care as a member of a multidisciplinary team in the healthcare setting. In today’s complex healthcare settings, issues such as accountability and competency are of paramount importance in relation to the role and responsibility of a nurse.  

This document is divided into three sections:
  1.   Education Body Standards for Return to Nursing Practice Programmes
  2.   Assessment of Competence 
  3.   Requirements for Education Bodies and Associated Healthcare Providers

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Return to Nursing Practice Programmes Standards and Requirements

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Domains of Competence Assessment Tool

The Domains of Competence represent a broad enabling framework to facilitate the assessment of the nurses’ clinical practice. Each domain consists of performance criteria and their relevant indicators. Nurses are deemed to be either competent in an area or not.  Where competence has not been achieved, the nurse will be given opportunities to develop competence through a support plan. A team and partnership approach will be applied when assessing the nurse as the preceptor/mentor will consult with colleagues in determining the nurse’s competence.

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Return to Nursing Practice Programmes Domains of Competence Assessment Tool

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