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Intellectual Disability Nurse Post Registration Education Programmes Standards and Requirements 

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for developing flexible, innovative, practice-oriented post registration programmes for education bodies (EBs) and practice partners involved in the education and training of Registered Nurses Intellectual Disability (RNID). The policies and practices of the EBs and their practice partners must meet the standards and requirements as specified by NMBI. The academic standard and terminal award for these programmes is at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications (Quality and Qualifications Ireland 2020). 

This document is divided into three sections:

  • Section 1: provides reference to the Nurses and Midwives Rules 2018. 
  • Section 2: outlines the standards and requirements for Intellectual Disability Nurse Post Registration Education Programmes. This section is divided into seven subsections. The first four subsections describe the programme purpose, learning outcomes, domains of competence and the competencies required for entry to the Register. The remaining three subsections describe the intellectual disability nursing philosophy, indicative content, and theoretical and clinical instructions. 
  • Section 3: refers to the approval of EBs, practice partners and educational programmes leading to registration.    
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Intellectual Disability Nurse Post Registration Education Programmes Standards and Requirements

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