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Site Inspection Process Ensures High Standards of Education

Site inspections of university and college departments and their partner hospitals and health services are conducted where nursing and midwifery students learn the art and science of their professions.

Such inspections are conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) in compliance with the Nurses and Midwives Act of 2011 and to ensure high standards of nursing and midwifery education and practice.

Each year the academic departments and schools of nursing and midwifery verify to the NMBI that their programmes meet the required national and EU standards though an annual report. At least once every five years, NMBI works in partnership with the academic and clinical staff who provide nursing and midwifery programmes to review the curriculum documents and visit the health services placements where the undergraduates study.

This collaborative process involves:

  • Meeting university and faculty officers, students, lecturers, technical, administrative and clinical staff.
  • Reviewing course documents, policies and reports.
  • Visiting a sample of clinical sites and teaching and learning resource facilities such as libraries, IT classrooms and clinical skills simulation centres.

The process culminates with the site inspection team writing a written report with conditions, recommendations and observations that is agreed by all participants. The university or college and health services are then given a defined period to meet any conditions and to respond to any recommendations.

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