Standard 2: student entry, admission, transfer, discontinuation and completion

The following is the standard for student entry, admission, transfer, discontinuation and completion required by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) for approval of Higher Level Institutions (HEIs), associated health care providers and educational programmes leading to registration by NMBI.


The Higher Education Institution (HEI) should provide explicit information to applicants and potential students as to the minimum entry requirements for admission to, transfer and discontinuation from, and completion of the programme of study. At the beginning of the programme, the HEI should provide students with information on academic support, personal guidance, student services and academic facilities.


The HEI demonstrates a commitment to fair and transparent processes for student admission, entry, transfer, discontinuation and completion.


  1. Clear and comprehensive information for applicants is available in electronic and hard copy format specifying the programme of study and the application processes.
  2. Applicants for nursing must specify one of the four divisions of the Register of Nurses and Midwives at point of entry – General, Children’s / General Integrated, Intellectual Disability or Psychiatric.
  3. Information clearly specifies entry and programmes requirements in regard to Garda vetting, health screening, vaccinations, occupational health and affidavits or legal declarations.
  4. The mechanism for student admission to the educational programme ensures that the stated entry requirements are met in accordance with institutional policy on equal opportunities for applicants and students (evidence of the HEI’s policies on equal opportunities and diversity, recruitment, selection and admissions (including disclosure and anti-fraud policy and processes).
  5. Flexible modes of entry - for example mature students, FETAC, ACCESS, graduate entry - and clear procedures for Approval of Prior Learning (APL) are specified and have been approved by NMBI.
  6. Information relating to the collection, analysis and use of relevant information on admissions, discontinuation, transfer, non-completion, progression and graduation demonstrates the HEI’s adherence to data protection requirements.
  7. The conditions for students’ continuing progression and successful completion of the programme are explicit and are made known, in writing, to students at the beginning of the programme.
  8. The mechanism and conditions for students exiting the educational programme before completion are explicit.
  9. The NMBI’s Registration Department is notified in writing of any student who exits the programme prior to successful completion of the programme.
  10. Following any interruption (defined as any leave other than annual leave and bank holidays) including sick leave, maternity leave, force majeure leave, paternity leave, parental leave, compassionate and special leave in the educational programme, the partnership institutions ensure that the student meets the educational programme requirements as identified by NMBI.
  11. Clear mechanisms for student transfer, withdrawal, discontinuation and eligibility for exit awards are specified.
  12. Student transfer arrangements ensure that the full requirements of the educational programme leading to registration will be completed in a collaborative manner between HEIs.
  13. The mechanism whereby records are maintained, demonstrate that each student meets the declared standards of learning outcomes in both the clinical and theoretical components of the programme, and is eligible for registration.
  14. Eligibility to register with NMBI is based on successful completion of the programme and the successful achievement of both the theoretical and clinical practice assessments.
  15. The HEI maintains adequate records on the completion of the programme, the conferment of academic awards, details of attrition, non-completion, transfers and first employment destinations of graduates.

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