Registered Nurse Tutor: standards and requirements

nurse tutor registration programme cover

These standards and requirements set out the broad principles for Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and health care institutions to apply creatively to provide flexible, meaningful and appropriate postgraduate programmes of education for Registered Nurse Tutor (RNT).

These standards are designed to provide guidance in relation to the development, delivery and evaluation of RNT education programmes for both nurses and midwives.

The academic standard for the Post Registration RNT programme is a Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma (National Framework of Qualifications).

                 This document outlines:

  • Standards and requirements for RNT programmes.
  • Programme development.
  • Entry requirements.
  • Programme learning outcomes.
  • Curriculum development – learning outcomes.
  • Teaching and learning – learning outcomes.
  • Clinical learning environment – learning outcomes.
  • Communications & working relationships – learning outcomes.
  • Assessment of clinical & academic skills – learning outcomes.
  • Evaluation – learning outcomes.
  • Educations management – learning outcomes.
  • Teaching practice.
  • Assessment.
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Nurse Tutor Registration Programme: Standards and Requirements

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