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Competence Assessment Tool: Nurses


competence assessment tool nurses coverNMBI, cognisant of its regulatory responsibility to promote high standards of professional education and training, professional conduct among nurses and its mission to protect the public through these functions, has developed a framework of compensation measures for nurses educated and trained outside of Ireland. These measures are designed to demonstrate competence for recognition of qualification with NMBI where deficits have been identified.

A person who trained outside the Republic of Ireland must undergo a regulatory assessment by NMBI in order to be registered as a nurse on the NMBI register. Should the nurse’s professional education and training not meet the NMBI requirements for recognition of qualification and NMBI (2016) Nurse Registration Programmes Standards and Requirements (Fourth Edition), the nurse may be offered the option of completing a compensation measure to address deficits or shortfalls in training.

A prerequisite to NMBI recognition of qualification and registration as indicated below may be that the applicant should successfully undertake a compensation measure of either:

  • I. a period of adaptation and assessment
  • II. an aptitude test

The NMBI (2019) Compensation Measures for Nurses Trained Outside of Ireland document is designed to provide guidance on a period of adaptation and assessment in an Irish healthcare facility and guidance on the development and provision of an aptitude test by an educational provider in order to assess the competence of a nurse to meet the registration requirements of NMBI. This document replaces the Compensation Assessment Tool for Nurses (2015).

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Compensation Measures for Nurses Trained Outside Ireland

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