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Access Policy and Procedure - NMBI (An Bord Altranais) Archive

This sets out the policy and procedure relation to authorising accessing the NMBI (An Bord Altranais) Archive held in UCD Archives, School of History and Archives, University College Dublin.

A copy of the Archive Catalogue is available here.

Application procedure
A person wishing to access the archive must apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of NMBI and provide the following information:

  1. Full name of applicant
  2. Address
  3. Contact telephone number(s)
  4. Email address
  5. NMBI PIN (if applicable)
  6. Academic qualifications
  7. Place of employment and job title (if applicable)
  8. Programme of study being undertaken and third level institution (if applicable)
  9. Purpose of access, to include a summary of any research study being conducted by the applicant.
  10. A letter of support signed by the applicant's research supervisor, if applicable, together with confirmation that the study has been granted ethical approval.
  11. Details of materials which the applicant wishes to access.

Access authorisation
The Chief Executive Officer (or designate) will consider the application and will, provided additional information or clarification is not required, issue a decision letter to the applicant within ten working days of receipt in NMBI. Access to the archive will only be permitted by UCD Archives if the applicant is in possession of a letter of authorisation from NMBI signed by the Chief Executive Officer (or designate). Access to the archive shall be permitted for the purposes set out in the application only and will be administered in accordance with UCD Archives policies and procedures. Access for studies other than originally requested must be the subject of a new application.

Access by Board members/staff of NMBI
A Board member/staff member seeking access to the archive should apply for authorisation to the Chief Executive officer (or designate) in writing (letter or email) setting out the reason why access is needed. If access is approved, a letter of authorisation will be issued to the Board member/staff member.

Document management
All records regarding applications to access the archive will be maintained in the office of the Chief Executive Officer. An annual report detailing requests and decisions will be produced. 

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