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NMBI engages in consultation with stakeholders

NMBI regularly consults with registered nurses and midwives and as appropriate with a broader stakeholder group when updating standards and guidance or other materials. Below you can find details of public consultations run by NMBI. 

Live Consultations

Public consultation on draft proposed amendments to the Nurses and Midwives Standards and Requirements (2016) used for approving and monitoring education bodies and programmes.

Public Consultation on draft Nurses and Midwives (Fitness to Practise Subcommittee Rules) 2020​

Previous Consultations

Public consultations run by NMBI, can be found by accessing the links below. You can also read NMBI's own Guide to Consultations for more information on the process. 

2019 NMBI Public Consultations


NMBI Policy on Consultations

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NMBI Guide to Consultation

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