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Fitness to Practise Committee (2011) considers complaints referred by the PPC

The Fitness to Practise Committee (FPC) is a statutory committee of the Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI), established under the Nurses and Midwives Act 2011. This committee considers complaints which are referred to it by the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC).

According to the Act, the FPC must be comprised as follows:

  • At least one third of the FPC members must be members of the Board.
  • The chairperson must be a member of the Board.
  • The majority of the FPC members may not be or may not have been registered nurses or midwives in this State or any other jurisdiction.

The FPC (Nurses and Midwives Act, 2011) consists of 24 members, of whom eight are Board members and 16 are not. They are as follows:

Board members

  • Denise Lawler, Chair (midwife)
  • Mark Blake-Knox (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Karen Canning (nurse)
  • Liam Minihan (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Pat Dolan (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Lorraine Clarke-Bishop (nurse)
  • Liam Hamill (nurse)
  • Eileen Kelly (nurse)
  • Colm O'Herlihy (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Louise Kavanagh McBride (nurse)
  • Laura Sahm (non-nurse/midwife)

Non-Board members

  • Michele Monahan (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Mary Barrett (nurse)
  • Michelle Rose (midwife)
  • Orla Mongan (midwife)
  • Margaret Philbin (midwife)
  • Eileen Flynn (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Emma Prendergast (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Milo Walsh (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Mark Kane (non-nurse / midwife)
  • Stephen Kealy (non-nurse / midwife)
  • Shane McCarthy (non-nurse / midwife)
  • James Buckley (non-nurse / midwife)
  • Cathriona Molloy (non-nurse / midwife)
  • Amanda Phelan (nurse)
  • Martin McNamara (nurse)
  • Cindy Mackie (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Richard Hammond (non-nurse/midwife)
  • Jill Long (non-nurse/midwife)

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