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Before the inquiry: information for witnesses

If you are contacted by the solicitors acting for the CEO of NMBI in relation to an inquiry, the following will occur:

  • The solicitors will arrange a telephone call or meeting with you
  • The solicitors will explain the inquiry process to you and will answer any questions you might have about the process
  • The solicitors will then ask you questions about what you know or how you were involved in the relation to the complaint. Your answers will form the basis of a statement or supplemental statement which will be prepared by the solicitors, if necessary. You will be sent a copy of the statement to review and the evidence that you will give at the inquiry will be based on this statement.
  • If you want to make any changes to the statement, you should contact the solicitors for the CEO so that they can make those changes
  • The solicitors will send you an amended statement to sign
  • This signed statement and the initial draft statement will be sent to the nurse or midwife or to her representatives
  • The solicitors will then contact you to discuss an inquiry date and your availability to appear as a witness. You should tell the solicitors about commitments that may affect your availability. Where possible, the solicitors will arrange for you to attend the inquiry at a time that suits you. This may not always be possible as other factors will affect the date of the inquiry, including the need to accommodate other people participating in the inquiry.

Notification of the inquiry

You will be notified of the venue, date(s) and time(s) you are required to attend the inquiry in advance of the hearing date.

  • If you have a significant reason for not attending the inquiry, you should notify the solicitors acting for the CEO. You may be asked to provide a medical certificate, if appropriate.
  • If you cannot attend the inquiry on a specific date, the Fitness to Practise Committee (FtPC) may require you to attend on an alternative date
  • If you require a letter to your employer to explain the requirement that you are to attend the inquiry, please contact the Fitness to Practise Department.


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