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Applying as a mature applicant

Mature students must be successful in an online assessment test.

If you are over 23 by the January of the year of application, you are eligible to apply as a mature student. This means you are applying on the grounds of mature years and not on examination results. A certain proportion of places in undergraduate programmes are retained for mature students:

  • Children’s and General Integrated 15%.
  • General 15%.
  • Intellectual Disability 35%.
  • Midwifery 20%.
  • Psychiatric 35%.

If you choose to apply as a mature applicant, you must be successful in the current year at an assessment test. However, due to the number of places available on the programme, success at the assessment test does not guarantee an offer of a place. The onus is on you to apply for the assessment test in addition to your application to the Central Applications Office (CAO). 

Update for Mature Applicants on Assessment Tests 2021  

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) are no longer administering the assessment test on our behalf. Instead, mature applicants must apply directly here to NMBI to take the tests. The CAO will remind all mature applicants about the NMBI assessment test in an email after the 1 February deadline.  

The process is as follows:  

  • Registration for the assessment tests will be provided directly on this page.
  • The registration and testing window will open on 22 April 2021 at 10am and close on 28 April 2021 at 1pm. 
  • This link for registration will only appear on our website from 22 April 2021.  
  • When the applicant clicks on the link to register on our website, they will be taken to the test provider’s platform. Further instructions will then issue to the applicant directly.  
  • Similar to 2020 and in line with public health advice regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the tests will be administered remotely online.  
  • In advance of the tests, NMBI will post a test familiarisation booklet for applicants here on our website from 15 April 2021. This will help applicants prepare for the tests.
  Action for Applicant Date Where
Step 1 Apply to the CAO

Late application
By 1 February 2021

By 1 May 2021 (see note1)
CAO website
Step 2 Access test familiarisation booklet 15 April 2021
NMBI website
Step 3 Register and take tests Opens 22 April 2021 at 10am and closes on 28 April 2021 at 1pm
NMBI website

Note1: Late application is not available to those who have not completed the assessment test in the current year                          and is not available for applications to the Adelaide School of Nursing.

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