Careers in Nursing and Midwifery

Applying as a mature applicant

If you are over 23 years of age by 1 January of the year of application, you are eligible to apply as a mature student. This means you are applying on the grounds of mature years and not on examination results. 

If you choose to apply as a mature applicant, you must be successful in the current year at the assessment tests. However, due to the number of places available on the programme, success at the assessment tests does not guarantee an offer of a place. The onus is on you to apply for the assessment tests in addition to your application to the Central Applications Office (CAO). 

Assessment tests

  • Step 1: Complete an application to the CAO
  • Step 2: Using a valid CAO number, register with the NMBI
  • Step 3: Complete the suite of tests within the timeframe 

Applicants must be successful in the assessment tests to be considered for an offer as a mature applicant. However, success in the test does not guarantee an offer of a place. 

The assessment test is year specific and results may not be carried forward to a future year (unless a deferred entry has been granted by a HEI).

Further details on the assessment tests for 2022 will be available on our website. 

Proceeding in the competition

On passing the assessment test, applicants will be placed on order-ofmerit lists for the programmes you have applied for (see CAO Handbook 2022 for further details). 

Applicants must meet the registration requirements and complete the full suite of assessment tests in order to proceed in the mature competition for nursing/midwifery.

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