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Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics and the Practice Standards for Midwives

The Midwives Practice Standards are clearly aligned with the principles of the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Nurses and Registered Midwives and include five practice standards. The five principles of the Code are shown in the graphic below.

Practice Standard 1: Respect for the Dignity of the Person

Midwifery practice is underpinned by a philosophy that protects and promotes the safety and autonomy of the woman and respects her experiences, choices, priorities, beliefs and values.

Practice Standard 2: Professional Responsibility and Accountability

Midwives practice in line with legislation and professional guidance and are responsible and accountable within their scope of midwifery practice. This encompasses the full range of activities of the midwife as set out in EC Directive 2005/36/EC and the adapted Definition of the Midwife International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), 2011.

Practice Standard 3: Quality of Practice

Midwives use comprehensive professional knowledge and skills to provide safe, competent, kind, compassionate and respectful care. Midwives keep up-to-date with midwifery practice by undertaking relevant continuing professional development.

Practice Standard 4: Trust and Confidentiality

Midwives work in equal partnership with the woman and her family and establish a relationship of trust and confidentiality.

Practice Standard 5: Collaboration with Others

Midwives communicate and collaborate effectively with women, women’s families and with the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

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The Practice Standards for Midwives

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