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Nurses provide care and other services in variety of settings

Registered nurses promote health, prevent illness and provide care across the continuum of health and social care. They care for people of all ages, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings.  

Nursing as a profession in Ireland is governed the Nurses and Midwives Act 2011. This legislation underpins the development of the nursing profession, while adherence by nurses to standards and guidance issued by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) ensures safe and high-quality nursing care.  

Standards and guidance for nurses 

As a registered nurse, you should be familiar with and adhere to various standards that govern your profession such as:

  1. The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics which will guide you in your  day-to-day practice and help you understand their professional responsibilities in caring for patients in a safe, ethical and effective way
  2. The Scope of Nursing and Midwifery Practice Framework which will provide you with professional guidance and support on matters relating to the scope of clinical practice

In addition, the following guidance documents are relevant to midwives:

Nurses and registration 

As a registered nurse, it is your professional and legal responsibility to retain your name on the Register of Nurses and Midwives. NMBI has developed a number of online services to assist nurses to check their registration, pay certain fees electronically, access forms and order certificates. 

  • Online registration services: find out how to create an account and use our online services
  • Annual Retention Fee (ARF):  learn about the ARF renewal process, obtaining a registration certificate and  ensuring your registration is up to date
  • Registration section also  information on working abroad, advanced practice, prescribing/CPA as well as Leaving the Register

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