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Document Name What is it? Submission Details and Document Validity When we may request this document
Certificate of Acquired Rights A certificate used amongst EU regulators. 
Your home competent authority (regulator in the country you trained in) attests that you have practiced for a certain period of time before the date of the certificate (three years for general nurses and two years for midwives out of the last five years). 
This is generally required when your training does not meet the minimum training requirements as described in Annex V of Directive 2005/36/ECThis certificate is produced for G1 applicants.

Directive 2005/36/EC
Issued in the last six months Qualification Recognition

Certificate of Conformity A certificate used amongst EU regulators. 
Your home competent authority (regulator in the country you trained in) produces a certificate which mentions that your education programme fulfils the requirements of Annex V of Directive 2005/36/EC. This certificate is produced for G1 applicants.

Directive 2005/36/EC
  Qualification Recognition
Certificate of Current Professional Status or Certificate of Good Character A certificate produced by a regulator in a jurisdiction where you practised nursing or midwifery. Some countries have regional regulators while others have national ones.
The certificate states your registration dates, registration status and if you have any Fitness to Practise restrictions.
Issued in the last six months 
NMBI will request that you provide a certificate for each jurisdiction you practised or Registered nursing or midwifery in. For G1/G2 applicants this this will be required as part of registration while for G3 as part of Recognition process.
Qualification Recognition and in some cases in Registration
Certificate of General System  A certificate used amongst EU regulators to state that the applicant is eligible under General Systems.   Qualification Recognition
European Professional Card A document that you receive once you complete the recognition of your qualification through the EU online portal.

EU online portal
Evidence of Formal Qualifications or Diploma  Diploma or Parchment or official evidence that your successfully competed your training.   Qualification Recognition
Evidence of meeting the minimum levels of an English language test A certificate of test results from either the International English Language Test System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET). Information on the minimum scores is available below.

English Language Requirements
- We only accept IELTS or OET    test results that are less than      two years old. If your test          results are out of date, you
  will need to resit the IELTS or    OET
- You must provide IELTS              Academic Test Report Form      (TRF) number OR OET                Candidate Number as part of    Step 1 of the application            process, detailed in the next      section
- NMBI will independently
  verify your scores
- We only accept one test            result and do not accept            combined results
Evidence of registering and practising in English A letter on headed paper or an email from your employer(s) or Nursing Authority covering the following:
- Location of employment

- The dates of employment

- Statement that you were              practising as a nurse or                  midwife primarily through              English.
If you have registered and practised in English must be able to prove that they have three years post registration practice within the last five years in one of the recognised countries.

Recognised countries are: 
- Australia
- Canada
- New Zealand 
- The United States of America
- United Kingdom 
Evidence of training in English in a NMBI recognised country A letter on headed paper or an email from your training institution covering the following:  

- The location of the training            institution

- The name of the training              programme attended

- The dates of attendance

- Confirmation that the course
  was taught and assessed in            English
If you trained in one of the countries:

- Australia
- Canada
- New Zealand 
- The United States of America
- United Kingdom 
Other relevant training or previous compensation measures Other training courses you consider are relevant. 
This will be considered by our assessors if you have shortfalls in your qualifications.

If you have completed a compensation Measure in another EU country, please provide evidence of that.
  Qualification Recognition
Passport or ID Passport, or a National Identity Card (for non-Irish citizens). 
Family members of EU nationals are also to provide evidence of their residence in the EU. 
Applicants who have been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection status or are family members of someone who has been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection status in Ireland are to upload evidence of their status.
Your ID upload should be in full colour and a minimum quality of 300 dpi
The file should be in a .jpeg or .png format. 
Valid ID. Expired documents will not be accepted.
Qualification recognition and Registration
Proof of indemnity Proof of indemnity in Ireland (insurance or letter from employer) to cover you if a claim is made against you. The document must be valid for the period you intend to practise in Ireland. Registration (Temporary and Occasional only) 
Proof of Professional Experience A form that download from MyNMBI and send to your previous employer(s). Once completed by the employer you will need to upload it in MyNMBI.
In this form the employer provides details (roles/duties/activities) of your previous employment.
G3 applicants must submit the most recent employment, covering the most recent 12 months work experience. 
If you wish you can also submit older employment.
Qualification Recognition 
Qualification Form A Form that you download from MyNMBI and send to your training institution to be completed. This form must be completed by the Head of Nursing or Midwifery Education.

Once completed you will need to upload it to MyNMBI with the rest of your documents.
  Qualification Recognition
Temporary and Occasional Declaration Document A form that you download from MyNMBI, complete and upload it. It includes a declaration that you intend to provide temporary and occasional services and the location and dates you intend to provide services in Ireland.   Registration
Transcript of Training As part of the qualification form your previous education institute will be required to provide two documents:
1) Official transcript of the                  programme
2) Programme syllabus 
    The official programme
    syllabus provided by the                university or institute you              trained in.
The syllabus/curriculum must be relevant to the programme you completed. Qualification Recognition
Translations of any documents not in English We will need a certified English translation of any document which is not written in English. The translation must be:

- Carried out by a qualified          translator.

- Signed and stamped by the      translator, and

- Dated by the translator. 
Qualification Recognition and Registration

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