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Joining the Register of Nurses and Midwives

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is the organisation with legal responsibility for processing applications to join the Register of Nurses and Midwives. It is illegal to practise nursing or midwifery in Ireland if you are not on the Register.

Additions to the Register are made in one of two ways:

  • Through Irish-trained nursing and midwifery students joining the Register following completion of their third level programmes and the processing of their applications.  This is conducted by NMBI directly with the relevant Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).    To find out more, visit our Trained in Ireland section. 
  • Through nurses and midwives who trained outside Ireland successfully completing NMBI’s overseas application process which is detailed in our Trained outside Ireland section.

Overseas applicants

As an overseas applicant, you need to be aware of NMBI’s overseas application process which is governed by Irish law and an EU Directive. Understanding the process will assist in the processing of your application and avoiding unnecessary delays. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Identify which application group applies to you. 
  2. Understand NMBI’s five-step application process.  
  3. Start the process by completing  the Overseas Registration Application Request Form   and paying the fee online
  4. Set up your online account once you have received the Overseas Registration Application Pack and your initial login details
  5. Use the online services to understand where your application is in the process

Guide for overseas applicants

NMBI has published a comprehensive guide to assist overseas applicants understand the process.  It summarises all of the information available in the Trained outside Ireland website. It can be downloaded from our Trained Outside Ireland section. 

Overseas Registration Application Request Form 

As an overseas applicant, the first thing you need to do is to complete the Overseas Registration Application Request Form. This form should be submitted along with the appropriate fee.

Online services

Overseas applicants can log on to the NMBI website through the My Account section once they have received the Overseas Registration Application Pack, which is second step of the five-step process.  Your pack will include details of setting up your account and your initial login details.

Once you have set up your account you will be able to:

  • Track your application
  • Check what documents are outstanding
  • Apply for a period of adaptation and assessment or the Aptitude Test (if that is the outcome of NMBI’s assessment)
  • Appeal a registration decision (if the outcome of the assessment is that you have been refused registration or if you have been issued with an adaptation and assessment /aptitude test decision)

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