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2018 NMBI Public Consultations

Consultations run by NMBI during 2018, seeking input from stakeholders and the general public.

December 2018

Competence Assessment for Overseas Nurses

A consultation regarding Competence Assessment for Overseas Nurses document was developed for nurses educated and trained outside Ireland who do not qualify for registration under the EU Directive.

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Competence Assessment Tool for Overseas Nurses

(.pdf, 652 KB)


August 2018


Section 60(1) of the Nurses and Midwives Act 2011 states that “The Board may provide guidelines for resolving complaints by mediation or other informal means”. The consultation regarding mediation was approved by the Board in April and took place in August.

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(.pdf, 81 KB)


July 2018

Review of Guidance on Sanctions

In March of 2018, NMBI published a Guidance and Sanctions document to aid consistency and transparency in the interests of the public, registered nurses and registered midwives.

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Guidance on Sanctions

(.pdf, 184 KB)


April 2018

Standards for Nurses and Midwives on Medication Administration (2018)

After reflecting on the previous advice from stakeholders, legal experts, current regulatory practices and both the NMBI’s Ethics and Education and Training Committees, NMBI developed draft standards for nurses and midwives on medication administration in 2018. Medication administration is one component of medication management.

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Standards for Nurses and Midwives on Medication Administration

(.pdf, 557 KB)



February 2018

2018 Nurses and Midwives Rules

A consultation took place in February of 2018 concerning nursing and midwifery rules. Collectively the 2018 rules create a legislative framework which allows the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland to fulfil its statutory obligations.

Please see the Legislation section for all primary and secondary legislation as well as the 2018 Nurses and Midwives Rules.


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