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Step 3: forms to be completed by relevant authorities 

step three
The next step involves ensuring that relevant authorities complete their forms and return them directly to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). 

Once you have set up an online account with NMBI following receipt of your Overseas Registration Application Pack, you will be able to track your application and see which forms have been received by NMBI.

The table below provides details of the forms and some important notes for applicants who belong to different Application Groups.

Group Form Relevant authority Important notes
1, 2, & 3 Verification Where you hold (and have previously held) nursing/midwifery registration There are specific requirements for Group 1, 2 and 3 applicants. They are detailed below under the Verification (CCPS) heading. 
2 & 3 Transcript(s) of Training Where you completed your nursing or midwifery training and education programme
There is a specific form for each division of the Register within your Overseas Registration Application Pack. 

There are also specific requirements which are detailed under the Transcript(s) of Training heading below.
2 & 3 Employer Reference Where you are employed as a nurse or midwife Applies to Group 2 and 3 applicants only. There are some specific requirements detailed under the Employer Reference heading below.
3 Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programme Where you completed your graduate nursing or midwifery programme. Applies to Group 3 only. There are some specific requirements detailed under the Graudate Programme heading below. 

Verification (CCPS)

We need a Verification (CCPS) certificate or certificates from the competent authorities where you:

  • Completed your nursing/midwifery education
  • Hold current registration
  • Have previously held registration
  • Have worked as a nurse or midwife in that country, state or jurisdiction

You must provide an original or authentic certificate. If you are a Group 1 applicant the Verification (CCPS) document we receive should clearly state what article of the EU Directive you meet. If required, NMBI may verify this document through the EU’s Internal Market Information (IMI) system.

Group 1 & 2 applicants

The (IMI) system allows competent authorities to exchange information with other competent authorities in the EU. There are two competent authorities in some EU/EEA countries. One competent authority in that country will confirm if your training meets the requirements of the Directive, while a different competent authority in the same country will confirm your good character. If this is the case, we will need a Verification (CCPS) from each competent authority.

Group 3 applicants only

You must send the Verification (CCPS) Form to the relevant competent authority or competent authorities, if you are registered with more than one. The authority must complete the form and send it directly to NMBI with a Verification Certificate (CCPS).


Group 3 applicants: Do not send the Verification (CCPS) Form or Verification Certificate (CCPS) to NMBI. NMBI cannot accept this documentation from you. 

Transcript(s) of Training

This applies to Group 2 and 3 applicants only.
As part of the education assessment of the registration application process we need to verify your nursing or midwifery training with the Higher Education Institution(s) where you completed your nursing or midwifery programme.
To do this, we require that the institution(s) where you trained provides NMBI directly with a fully
completed Transcript of Training Form(s) for the division(s) of the Register you have applied for. There are separate forms for each division of the Register. Based on the information you provide in the Overseas Registration Request Form (Step 1), we will provide one or several Transcript of Training Forms. The form or forms will be provided in your Overseas Registration Application Pack. You must forward the form(s) to the correct institution(s) for completion.
The Head of Nursing/Midwifery Education must sign the completed form and return by post directly to NMBI.
If you have completed other nursing and midwifery-related programmes that you would like us to consider, please arrange for a transcript to be sent to NMBI from the training institution. All transcripts should include:

  •  Theory (contact teaching) in clock hours
  • Clinical practice (direct patient care) in clock hours

Employer Reference

This applies to Group 2 and 3 applicants only.
We need to evaluate your work experience as part of the registration application process. We require your current employer to provide a professional reference covering the previous 12 month period from the date of your application to NMBI.
If you have been at your current place of employment for less than 12 months, you will need another employer to also provide a professional reference to cover the required 12 month period.

The Employer Reference Form must be completed and signed by one of the following:

  •  Director of Nursing/Midwifery or
  • Matron or
  • Nurse/Midwife Manager

If anyone else signs the Employer Reference Form, a full written explanation must be provided stating why one of the individuals above has not authorised the reference.

Graduate Programme

If you completed a supervised Graduate Nurse/Midwife Programme (GNP/GMP) after you completed your training, you may arrange for details of the programme to be sent directly to us from the hospital or health care facility where you completed the programme. We may be able to use any relevant supervised theory and clinical hours in the programme to support your application.
The Programme Co-ordinator must:

  •  Complete the Graduate Programme Form detailing the graduate nurse/midwife programme
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of theory (contact teaching) and supervised clinical practice
  • (direct patient care) in clock hours

GNP or GMP is the most common names for a supervised graduate nursing/midwifery programme.
In addition, the hospital or health care facility where you completed the programme can forward a
completed Graduate Programme Form if you have completed one of the following graduate programmes:

  • Transitional programme
  • Internship programme
  • Preceptorship programme
  • Co-op work experience programme

Translation of documents from relevant authorities 

If NMBI receives documents from relevant authorities which are not in English, we will notify you and request that they be translated. We will send you a copy or copies of the document(s) so that you can have them translated by a qualified translator.

Important Deadlines

All documentation required to fully assess your application must be provided to NMBI no later than 6 months from the application date. This is the date that we process your relevant fee with the Overseas Registration Application Request Form that you submit in Step 1 of the process. After this 6 month deadline, your application will be closed and all documents received as part of the application are destroyed.
If you still want us to consider your application after 6 months, you will need to start the application process again. This means making a new application and paying the relevant assessment fee.

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