Step 5: Outcomes of assessment 

step five
The decision letter issued by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) will detail one of four possible outcomes of the assessment process:

  1. Eligible for registration
  2. Further information required
  3. Required to successfully complete a period of adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test before we can register you
  4. Refused registrationoutcomes of assessment

Eligible for registration 1. Eligible for registration

If we are satisfied that your application meets all of NMBI’s application requirements, then we will issue you with a letter requesting that you pay the registration fee to have your name included on NMBI’s Register of Nurses and Midwives. When you pay the registration fee, NMBI will finalise your registration and issue you the following details within 7 – 10 working days.
Decision letter
This letter confirms that you are now registered with NMBI. The letter tells you what division of the
Register you are registered in and confirms your personal identification number (PIN). This number
identifies you on our Register and must be used in all communication with us. Please read this letter
carefully, as it also contains important information about how to remain active on the Register.
The letter also contains a link to relevant NMBI publications on, which you should read carefully, as they are of relevance to practising as a nurse or midwife in Ireland.
Initial Registration Certificate

This certificate is only issued at the point of registration. This certificate contains your:

  • Full name
  • PIN
  • Division
  • Initial registration date (for this division). This is the date that your name was entered in the division of the Register. 

Please keep this certificate safe as you may be asked to show it to potential employers or to Higher
Education Institutions (HEIs). An employer or HEI may make a copy of this certificate. However you should always keep your original certificate.

Annual Retention Certificate
The Annual Retention Certificate confirms your registration details and the date that your registration
expires. To stay on NMBI’s Register, you must renew your registration each year. This certificate is very important and you will need to show it to all nursing and midwifery employers in Ireland. An employer or HEI may make a copy of this certificate. However, you should always keep your original certificate.
The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
This NMBI publication will guide you in your day-to-day practice and help you to understand your
professional responsibilities in caring for patients in a safe, ethical and effective way.

Further information required2. Further information required

NMBI may issue a decision letter requesting further information such as:

  •  An explanation from you about information contained in your application
  • An explanation from a relevant authority about information contained in your application, or documents they sent us as part of your application
  • Extra documents we now need from you or a relevant authority

Adaptation and assessment/ RCSI Aptitude Test3. Adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test

An “adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test" decision means that you need to successfully complete a supervised placement in an Irish health care facility, before you can be registered or successfully complete the Aptitude Test. This decision is taken based on the education assessment.
This decision is taken:

  •  If the theory and clinical content or hours of your overall nursing or midwifery education falls short of NMBI requirements
  • Where you have enough hours or appropriate content to allow you to complete a period of adaptation and assessment.

We will place your name on our Candidate Register for the duration of this placement/Aptitude Test, and we will issue you with a Candidate Certificate.

Refused registration4. Refused registration

There are a number of possible grounds for a refusal which will be explained in the decision letter.
You will be issued with a refused registration decision following an education assessment of your
application if your overall nursing or midwifery education contained:

  •  Significant deficits in theory content or hours compared to NMBI requirements
  • Significant deficits in clinical content or hours compared to NMBI requirements

Our letter will provide a breakdown of the clinical and theory in your nursing education programme(s) compared with our requirements.
Other grounds for refusal include:

  • Failing your adaptation and assessment placement/complete Aptitude Test 
  • Submitting fraudulent documents or information as part of your application
  • Having a relevant criminal conviction(s) in this or another country*
  • Being the subject of a fitness to practise investigation by another regulator*
  • Being found guilty of misconduct by another regulator

The asterisk (*) above means that these situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Refusal will depend on the seriousness of the conviction and its relevance to practising nursing or midwifery.

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