Step 2: Overseas Registration Application Pack  

step two
overseas registration application pack cover

Once the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) processes your Overseas Registration Application Request Form and the assessment fee, we will  issue you with an Overseas Registration Application Pack. You need to read and  follow all the instructions within this pack carefully to  avoid unnecessary delays in  processing your application.

Application Reference Number and security code

Your Application Reference Number is noted in the top right hand corner of the  pack and in the cover letter. You need to ensure that this reference number is used in all communications and correspondence with us.

Your pack also includes details of how to set up an account on the NMBI website.  This will allow you to track your application and identify which documents have been received and which ones are outstanding.
The pack will include a security code which you will need to use along with your Application Reference Number to set up an account.  

Section 1: for completion by you

This section must be completed by you and returned with relevant documents which are detailed in that section. Within Section 1 you will find a number of subsections, from A – J. Here are details of each of those sub sections:

A: Personal details

Your personal details that you provided in the Overseas Registration Application Request Form will be printed in that section.
You must attach a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself to that section and include your name and Application Reference Number on the reverse of the photograph.

B: Identity documents

NMBI requires that you provide certain identity documents to verify your name and date of birth.
This is the primary document of identification. You must send a certified photocopy of a valid, current passport. We require a copy of the page containing your photograph, signature, personal details, passport number and passport expiry date. Please ensure that the photocopy is legible.
Other documents of identification
If you do not hold a current passport, we need you to verify your identity by providing either:

  • A certified photocopy of your National Identity Card or
  • A certified photocopy of your Birth Certificate

If your name as it appears on the application form differs from the name on the copy of your Birth
Certificate provided, we will require additional documentation to validate the name change.
You need to provide a certified copy of one of the following:

  • Marriage or Civil Partnership
  • Deed Poll, if you have officially changed your name
  • A sworn affidavit to validate any change in the spelling of your name

NMBI will need a certified English translation of any document which is not written in English. 


C. Contact details

NMBI will only communicate with one point of contact for each overseas application. In this section you need to indicate if you as the applicant will be the point of contact. If you wish to authorise a recruitment agency to act on your behalf, you need to complete and sign the form in that sub section. If you decide that a recruitment agency is to be the point of contact, you cannot also contact NMBI about your application.

D. Professional Education Primary Qualification

You must provide details of your initial nursing or midwifery qualification, as well as any postgraduate qualifications you hold.

E. Registration details

You need to provide details of all competent authorities where you hold or have held registration.

F. Compulsory questions

You need to answer a number of questions about your practice as a nurse or a midwife in any country, state or jurisdiction where you have practised.

G. Details of professional practice

You need to list all your nursing and/or midwifery experience since qualification. 

H. Explanations regarding professional practice

If you have any gaps or overlaps in your experience since you qualified, you must provide details in this sub section.

I. Declarations

You must read four declarations about the completion of Section 1 and about giving NMBI authority to assess the application. Then you must sign and date the declarations page.

J. Checklist

The last part of Section 1 is a checklist to assist you in finalising Section 1 and then forwarding forms
contained in Section 2 to relevant authorities.

Section 2: forms to be completed by relevant authorities

Section 2 includes a series of forms which you need to send to relevant authorities so that they can
complete and return them to NMBI. Further details are provided in Step 3: Forms to be completed by relevant authorities


NMBI cannot accept completed forms from Section 2 from you, the applicant. Instead, the relevant authorities must return completed forms directly to NMBI. 

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