Step 4: assessment of your application 

step four
When the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) receives all of the information we require for your application, we will assess your file.
You will be able to see the status of your application and what documents are outstanding through Track my Application when logged into the NMBI website.  Details of how this operates are included in your Overseas Registration Application Pack.
Please be aware that we will not receive all parts of the completed Overseas Registration Application Pack at the same time. This is because some parts will come from you while others will be sent by the relevant authorities. If we require any additional information from you we will advise you by email or in writing.
NMBI processes applications in a chronological order in what is called a “first come basis”. We do not fast-track applications for any reason. When we have received all the correct documentation in relation to your application, we will assess your application within 90 days.
If NMBI should require additional information from you before reaching a final decision regarding the outcome of your application process, this may have an impact on the timing of the completion of the assessment.
The assessment process will differ for Groups 1, 2 or 3.

Group 1 assessment

You meet the requirements of the Directive for:

  • Automatic recognition
  • Acquired rights

If we are satisfied that your application meets these and other application requirements, you will be
eligible for inclusion in the appropriate division of NMBI’s Register.

If the Article of the Directive recorded on your Verification CCPS shows that you do not meet the
requirements for automatic recognition or acquired rights, we will require additional information from you so that we can educationally assess your application.

Assessments (Groups 2 and 3)

When we have satisfactorily received all of the information we require for your application, a full education assessment will be conducted. An independent assessor will examine your application file in detail. The assessor will calculate whether the theory and clinical content of your training programme meets NMBI’s requirements. He/she will also assess the content of the training programme to check if it meets our education requirements.

Outcome of assessment

When the assessment process has been completed, we will send you what is called a “decision letter”. There are four possible outcomes to the assessment process, which are detailed in Step 5.

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Guide for Overseas Applicants

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