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Registration process for Irish-trained applicants

If you trained as a nurse or midwife in the Republic of Ireland, you will already have met the requirements set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) because you will have completed a nursing or midwifery programme which we approved.

NMBI approves both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that lead to registration in a division of our Register. In order to practice as a nurse or midwife, you must register with NMBI following successful completion of your nursing or midwifery programme.


Approximately 1,600 nursing and midwifery students complete an NMBI approved undergraduate nursing or midwifery programme each year.

  • We must receive a completed application form for initial registration. This process will be done in conjunction with your Higher Education Institution (HEI) and linked health care facility.
  • You must pay the initial registration fee, details of which are included in the Fees page.

Registration documents

Once registered, you will receive a registration pack containing your:

  • Decision letter.
  • Initial Registration Certificate.
  • Annual Retention Certificate.

It is important to keep these documents safe. 

Practising abroad

If you intend to practise abroad as a nurse or midwife following registration, you will need to apply for a Verification Certificate (CCPS). Your verification request can only be processed after you have been registered by NMBI. Once you have set up an online account through the My Account section you can apply for a Verification (CCPS) Certificate online. Find out more about why you need a CCPS to practise as a nurse or midwife outside Ireland.


In order to register with NMBI, you must complete and submit a Postgraduate Registration Application form. You need to be logged into the site through the My Account section. 

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