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Terminating or recommencing a CPA with NMBI


All CPAs are considered null and void on the termination/movement of employment for which the CPA is originally intended.

The CPA will terminate automatically if the RNP or Collaborating Medical Practitioner/s no longer has an active unrestricted registration. The RNP must notify the NMBI in writing within five working days of any termination of a CPA. The Termination of Collaborative Practice Agreement Form must be completed and sent to the NMBI by the RNP. The RNP is obliged to notify the Health Service Provider of this termination notification.

The registration information details of the RNP held by the NMBI will be revised stating that the CPA status is “Invalid”. NMBI will inform the RNP and Director of Nursing/Midwifery/Public Health Nursing/Service Manager of this status change.


A Registered Nurse Prescriber wishing to recommence prescribing after terminating his/her CPA must complete a new CPA with his/her Collaborating Medical Practitioner/s and notify the NMBI Registration Department of the recommencement of his/her prescribing practice by completing the Recommencement of Collaborative Practice Agreement Form.

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