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Process for joining NMBI’s Registered Nurse Prescriber Division

The candidate RNP must complete and submit Nurse Prescriber Registration Form which requires the candidate to state specific information about her/his Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA ).

The CPA is to be completed in full, signed and dated by the candidate RNP. The Collaborating Medical Practitioner(s) and the authorised representative of the Health Service Provider approving the CPA must also sign and date the form. The CPA form should be retained by the health service provider. A duplicate of this form should be retained by the candidate RNP for her/his own records.

The CPA status of a RNP will be entered as "Valid" when the application for registration in the Nurse Prescriber Division of the Register is complete. This will be noted with the registrant’s information in the Check the Register section which is available for public viewing.  This information will be placed with the registrant’s information in the Register of Nurses and Midwives.

As part of the Annual Retention Notification issued by NMBI, from 2017 RNPs must attest to having a valid CPA in place. The NMBI has the authority to review and examine a CPA at any time. The RNP and the Health Service Provider will be notified in writing of this. The RNP will be in breach of NMBI regulatory framework for prescriptive authority if they prescribe medicines without having a valid CPA. This could give rise to a complaint being made to the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC) of the NMBI.


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