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Collaborative Practice Agreement: underlining principles

The underlining principles of the CPA include:

  • The CPA is the standard that the NMBI developed to ensure that the requirements as outlined in the medicines legislation are upheld and that clear lines of communication have been identified within the practice setting.
  • The CPA serves as a tool to ensure that communication structures have been established between the RNP and the Collaborating Medical Practitioner/s regarding the care of their patients/service users and approved by the Director of Nursing/Midwifery/Public Health Nursing/Service Manager on behalf of the Health Service Provider. 
  • The CPA defines the parameters of the RNP’s scope of practice. While recognising the responsibility of the Collaborating Medical Practitioner/s to the patient/service user the individual RNP is professionally accountable for their prescribing decisions and practice.This encompasses the consultation and referral arrangements when a patient’s/service user’s care extends beyond the RNP’s scope of practice.
  • The CPA requires an outline of the audit and evaluation process the RNP will undertake.


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