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Registered Nurse Prescribers: NMBI’s requirements

Prescribing is an expansion of a nurse's/midwife's scope of practice, beyond the skills, competence and knowledge an individual practitioner possesses at the point of registration. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is mandated to establish the professional regulatory framework for the nurse/midwife prescribing.  

The prescribing of medicines by nurses and midwives was established in 2007 with the Minister of Health signing medicines regulations providing for the regulatory framework for this national initiative.  Current prescribing was established through the Nurses Rules, 2010, establishing the division of the Register for Nurse Prescribers (RNP). 

Registration processes

Current registration processes involve completion of a Nurse Prescriber Registration Form by the nurse or midwife who is registering for the Prescribers Division, as well as input from the collaborating medical practitioner(s) and the authorised representative of the Health Service Provider.


Prescribing Forms 

All forms relating to prescribing are available by logging into the My Account sectionThose forms are:

  • Nurse Prescriber Registration Form


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