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Understanding adaptation and assessment decisions 

One of the outcomes of an overseas registration application is an “adaptation and assessment” decision, which means that you need to successfully complete a supervised placement in an Irish health care facility, before you can be registered. This decision is taken based on the education assessment.

This decision is taken:

  • If the theory and clinical content or hours of your overall nursing or midwifery education falls short of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) requirements
  • Where you have enough hours or appropriate content to allow you to complete a period of adaptation and assessment.

We will place your name on our Candidate Register for the duration of this placement, and we will issue you with a Candidate Certificate.

How to secure your placement

The decision letter will include details of how to join our Candidate Register and information about adaptation and assessment. You cannot start your placement until you have your Candidate Certificate.

We will also send you a list of health care facilities. These health care facilities have been approved by NMBI as suitable placement sites. Please keep your decision letter safe as you will need to send a copy of the letter to the
Clinical Practice Co-ordinator in an approved health care facility, to secure your placement.

NMBI has granted approval to RCSI’s Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery to co-ordinate and manage an aptitude test for overseas applicants.

Six important points about adaptation placements

  1. You or your employer must contact the health care facilities on the list to secure a placement
  2. You must complete your placement in an NMBI approved health care facility for your division
  3. You have 12 months, from the date on your decision letter, to secure this placement
  4. Health care facilities may require you to have secured an offer of employment, subject to registration, before they will consider you for a placement.
  5. NMBI has no role in organising placements, assisting with visas or permits or securing you an offer of employment
  6. The minimum timeframe for completing the placement is six weeks, but the health care facility can extend the placement timeframe to 12 weeks. NMBI approval is needed for extensions beyond 12 weeks.


What happens next?

After you have secured a placement, you need to send us a completed Adaptation Placement Request Form.  You can access this form by logging into the website through the My Account section.This form should be completed by you or your prospective employer in Ireland.

You also need to send us a letter of confirmation from the health care facility with:

  • Name of the placement site
  • Proposed placement start date
  • Proposed placement finish date

You will need to use the “Competence Assessment Tool”, which explains how the placement is assessed which is available for download on our website. This assessment tool will be used by the health care facility to track your progress during the placement. 

After your placement/ Aptitude Test

At the end of your placement/Aptitude Test, the Director of Nursing or Midwifery will be asked to recommend whether or not you are eligible for registration. If you are recommended for registration, we will inform you and request the registration fee.
After you pay the registration fee, NMBI will finalise your registration and issue your registration details within 7 – 10 working days.

Aptitude Test

NMBI has granted approval to RCSI’s Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery to co-ordinate and manage an aptitude test for overseas applicants. 

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