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Advanced Practice Review Panel

The process for registration as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Advanced Midwife Practitioner (AMP) includes passing an NMBI review panel.  The purpose of the review panel is to give the applicant an opportunity to present his/her practice and demonstrate achievement of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Competences/Advanced Midwife Practitioner Standards.  The assessment will build on the evidence presented in the applicant’s portfolio, enable the panel to explore some areas in more depth, and seek clarification of information. 
The panel which will comprise of a professional officer from NMBI and an expert in Advanced Practice from the applicants chosen division of the Register.
The format of the review panel will focus on published competences and associated standards as follows:



1.Apply ethically sounds solutions to complex issues (domain 1),
2.Utilise advanced knowledge, skills and abilities to engage in senior clinical decision-making (domain 2),
3.Ability to contribute to professional body of knowledge (domain 3),
4.Ability to negotiate and advocate for the person (domain 4),
5.Ability to manage risk (domain 5)
6.Ability to lead for good outcomes across the continuum of care (domain 6).



1.Ability to protect and promote the safety and autonomy of the woman and respect her experiences, choices, priorities, beliefs and values
2.Ability to practice in line with legislation and professional guidance and are responsible and accountable within their scope of midwifery practice.
3.Ability to use comprehensive professional knowledge and skills to provide safe, competent, kind, compassionate and respectful care.
4.Ability to work in equal partnership with the woman and her family and establish a relationship of trust and confidentiality.
5.Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with women, women’s families and with the multidisciplinary healthcare team.


The applicant may also be asked to demonstrate the following to their specialist area of Advanced Practice as appropriate:
1.Scope of professional and expert practice
2.Clinical indemnity
3.Governance for Quality {reporting relationships, clinical supervision}
5.Prescribing rights
6.Referral pathways
7.Values for Nurses and Midwives
8.Admitting and discharging rights

The review panel then make a decision to:

  1. recommend the applicant to go forward for registration


  1. defer recommending the applicant to the registration

The Registration Department finalise the applicants registration as an Advanced Practitioner.

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