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Criteria for registration as an ANP/AMP

NMBI has approved a revised policy for registration as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Advance Midwife Practitioner (AMP).

There are now two paths to register as an ANP/AMP, and these will be operational from 1 September 2019.

Please identify the path that applies to you. You must then apply using the Advanced Practice Registration Form, taking care to ensure all sections are complete, and send the material by post to NMBI.

Please identify the path that applies to you, and apply using the Advanced Practice Registration Form, taking care to ensure all sections are complete.

Path One:

All applicants who successfully complete the NMBI approved Master of Science in Nursing (Advanced Practice Nursing) programme may apply for registration as an ANP, in the same way as a nurse who has obtained any other registerable post-graduate qualification. If you are not already a registered prescriber you may apply for registration at the same time as applying for registration as an advanced practitioner.

The current approved course in August 2019 that leads to registration as an RANP/RAMP is:

HEI Course title Approval
Joint submission:
MSc Nursing & Graduate Certificate (Advanced Practice)
October 2017 – 15 March 2023

Submission of a portfolio and attendance at a panel review are no longer registration requirements for nurses who complete the approved NMBI programmes.

Path Two:

Nurses and midwives who have attained the NMBI competencies and capabilities of advanced practice through a developmental pathway can apply to be recognised as an ANP/AMP. This policy is in line with the principles of the “Policy on the Development of Graduate to Advanced Nursing and Midwifery Practice” (Department of Health, 2019).

Applications will then be reviewed against the criteria and standards of NMBI for advanced practice on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must meet NMBI standards for registration to have their name placed on the Advanced Practice Division of the Register.

The revised policies reflect the Nurses Rules, S.I. 218 of 2018 Education and Training Rules and S.I. 220 of 2018 Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

The following criteria apply for registration as an ANP/AMP with NMBI. You must:

  • Be a registered nurse or midwife with NMBI;
  • Be registered in the division(s) of the NMBI Register for which the application is being made;


  • in recognition of services that span several patient/client groups and/or division(s) of the Register, provide evidence of validated competencies relevant to the context of practice;
  • Hold a Master’s degree (or higher) in nursing/midwifery or a Master’s degree which is relevant, or applicable, to the advanced field of practice.  The Master’s programme must be at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (Quality & Qualifications Ireland), or equivalent.   Educational preparation must include at least three modular* components pertaining to the relevant area of advanced practice, in addition to clinical practicum.

*Modules will need to be a level 8 NFQ or above and be considered as a “minor award” defined in the NMBI Requirements and Standards for Post Registration Nursing and Midwifery Education Programmes - Incorporating the National Framework of Qualification.

“A minor award-type will be part of the learning outcomes associated with one or more major award types at a given level in the framework. Minor awards may be combined with other learning outcomes towards a major or special purpose reward. This category includes stand-alone modules or groups of modules that constitute a defined part of a major award such as one year of a two year programme”.

Clinical modules can include: advanced health assessment; decision making and analysis for advanced nursing practice; and theoretical modules related to your area of advanced practice.

Path Two applicants should submit a completed Self-Assessment Audit Tool as evidence of competencies, as well as transcripts of training including a Master’s degree education to support the application.

Self Assessment Tool for ANPs
Self Assessment Tool for AMPs

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