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As an overseas applicant when can I log into the NMBI website to track my application?

You will be given login details when we issue you with the Overseas Registration Application Pack, which is the second step in the five-step application process. The first step involves completion of the Overseas Registration Application Request Form. Once that form and the fee have been processed, your Pack will be issued along with your Application Reference Number and the security code, which you will need when logging on to the My Account section for the first time.  

I am a student nurse/ midwife and have been advised that I should set up an account on the NMBI website. Why do I need to set up an account?

If you are a student nurse of midwife in an Irish Higher Education Institution (HEI), you are considered a candidate by NMBI and your details are included on our Candidate Register. Your HEI has provided data to us about you. You can use your account to see review the details we have about you on our system information maintained about you on this Register. This is the information we have received from your HEI. You can also use your account to pay your Candidate Register Fee. Also, on successful completion of your degree programme, you can use your account to apply online to join the Register of Nurses and Midwives.

I am an overseas applicant and have been offered a job through an Irish nursing recruitment agency. Can the agency log on to your website to track my application?

That isn’t possible. To comply with Irish data protection law, we cannot share your personal data and details we have on your application for registration with others. The My Account section of the website is designed for your use only. We cannot provide your logon details to you to others, such as recruitment agencies, current employers and prospective employers. 

The email address and password you provide when setting up your account will be used for all subsequent logins to the website.

I have paid my Annual Retention Fee but have not received an Annual Renewal Certificate. How can I order a new one?

You need to order a new certificate through the website. If you haven’t done so already, you need to set up an account. This  will only take a few minutes to complete. If you have an account, you should logon, select the ARF Certificate Re-issue Form option and complete the online form. There is no charge for requesting a re-issued certificate. 

I’m an overseas applicant. The Track my Application screen shows “documents outstanding” and highlights one document (a verification CCPS). However, I have been notified that this document has been sent directly to NMBI. Why isn’t the screen displaying this?

Documents we receive in relation to overseas applications are logged on our system every working day.  While a document may have been sent by a third party, until it has been received and is logged on our system it will not display on the Track My Application screen.

I’ve forgotten the password I used when setting up my account. How can I reset it?

Go to the My Account section and click on the Forgot Password link. You will need to enter the email address. An email will be sent to that address which will detail the steps you need to take to change your password.  

I’ve lost my Annual Retention Fee Notice which has the security details for logging onto the NMBI website. What should I do?

Please contact our call centre on 353-1-639-8500 for assistance and you will be provided with the security code. The call centre is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. You will be asked to provide some security information to our customer support team before your security code is issued.

The security code will only be needed for the first time you login. When you are setting up an account you will be asked for an email address and asked to set a password. They will be used for all subsequent logins to the website.

My husband and I are both nurses and we share an email address. I’m trying to set up an account but I’m getting a message that the email address is already used. Can I register with our joint email address?

Unfortunately not. If your husband has already set up an online account with NMBI with your joint email address, then you cannot use the same address to set up your account. This is because our systems only allow one email address to be assigned to one registered nurse or registered midwife. You will need to set up your own email account to complete the account set up process with NMBI. 

The name displayed for me when I log into my account and also on the Register of Nurses and Midwives includes my middle name. Can I amend that to show my first name and surname only?

Unfortunately not. Names on the Register and the personal information displayed in the My Account section come from your birth certificate or the identification documents used when you joined the Register. It is not possible to abbreviate those entries.

When setting up my account for the first time, the address shown for me on the Personal Details screen is several years old. Why wasn’t my current address displayed?

Addresses and other contact information shown on the Personal Details screen are taken from NMBI’s registration system. If we weren’t notified about your changes in your contact information, your old details will display on the screen. When setting up your account you can amend your contact details. At any stage in the future if your contact details change, you can logon to the website through the My Account section and amend the contact details on the Personal Details screen.

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