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MyNMBI - Latest registration FAQ

I didn’t get my renewal notice

NMBI has sent renewal notices by post to all registrants this year. The letters were sent during the first week of December and provide detailed instructions on how to renew online. If your letter hasn’t arrived, please contact our customer care centre at 1890 200 116 to request your login credentials. You can also email us at regservices@nmbi.ie.

I can’t seem to access the site on my phone

For the best user experience, please use a laptop or a desktop computer. When you login for the first time you will need to confirm your personal email account by clicking on a confirmation email sent to your updated, personal email account. Our system is not yet enabled for use with smart phones. 

Why do I need a personal email address?

You must use a personal email address. This email address will be your username for this year and future years. It is also how we will contact you in future. If you change jobs and move to a different healthcare setting, you will still have access to your own personal email address.

My temporary password is not working

The password we sent you in the renewal letter contains different characters and they will be case sensitive. Make sure you type your password carefully, checking whether a letter is upper case or lower case. To view your password as you type, click on the ‘eye’ icon on the right of the password box.

If you are still having difficulty, one way around this issue may be to carefully type the password into a Word document or a blank email in another browser; then cut and paste the password into the password box. We have found this works for some registrants in difficulty.

I can’t find my activation link

Once you enter your initial details, you will be sent an activation link to your personal email address. This is generated automatically by the MyNMBI system and should be in your inbox. Try refreshing your email and check your spam folder (just in case). Once you have located it, click on the link in the email. The link will take you to a confirmation page, make sure to Click to confirm your personal email. You will then need to return to MyNMBI – use your new User ID (personal email) and the temporary password to continue with your activity. 

My nationality details are incorrect

Do not worry if your nationality is not up to date as we are copying information we held from an old system to this new system. Email regservices@nmbi.ie and we will be in touch to correct this.

What if I want to change the divisions I am registered in?

You can confirm the divisions you are registered in and wish to renew. But you may also submit a voluntary removal request if you wish to remove your name from a division(s) of the Register. You can also remove your name from a division(s) at a later stage if you wish through MyNMBI.

What happens if my job title does not appear?

You can search for a job title. If it isn’t there, you can enter your title. The most common job titles are already recorded in the system, please search for your job title in the drop-down list. If your job title is not listed, please select Other and click Add New Job Title.

I cannot find my workplace

There are 6,000 workplaces available to choose from. You can do a keyword search for the name of a workplace or a location. E.g if you enter the word ‘Luke’ all placenames with ‘Luke’ in the title will be offered as a choice. You can also enter a town name. E.g. Mullingar. Once again, all workplaces in Mullingar will be made available. You can also search using the Eircode of your workplace. If you are working outside Ireland or cannot find your workplace, you can manually enter your workplace.

You add your workplace by clicking the Add button on the top left of the employment search grid to add your employer. You will then be requested to add your workplace name and work address. Please fill in the fields accurately and click Save. Once your employer is saved, it can be searched and selected from the employment grid.

I have entered my workplace, but I don’t have an end date as I am still working there

In this case leave the end date blank.

But I work in two different places

The system allows you to add multiple workplaces. If you are currently working at more than one workplace you should leave the end date blank on each workplace you add.

Do I need to put in past employment details?

The facility is in the system to do that but you must then enter the date you ceased employment. We are primarily interested in your current employment so past employment details are not mandatory.

Am I considered as a practising nurse or midwife?

Practising nurses and midwives provide services directly to patients or work in administration, management, research and other posts without direct contact with patients. If you need NMBI registration for your work then you are a practising nurse or midwife. 

Unemployed or retired registrants are not considered practising. 

Am I patient facing?

If you are providing care directly to patients, then you are patient facing. If you work in administration, management, research and other posts without direct patient contact then you are not patient facing.

I can’t find my Registration Certificate

Once payment has been received your 2021 Certificate will be placed in your ‘My Documents’ section. If you can’t find it, log out and log back in again and check again. Please note that on some occasions it may take up to 60 minutes for the certificate to generate.

If it is still not there, please email regservices@nmbi.ie.

I am still having difficulty with an aspect of the registration process

We understand a new system can be daunting for some people so if you have any other issue email us at regservices@nmbi.ie or call the helpline number 1890 200 116. Opening hours for the helpline are Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm.

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