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MyNMBI - new registration system

When will I start to use MyNMBI, the new online portal?

Continue to engage with us as you usually would until September 2020. In September the system you use now will be retired and MyNMBI will be launched in its place. 

What date in September will the new system go live?

We will publish the specific go–live date a little closer to the time. This information will go out in our ezine and up on our web site. We encourage you to keep an eye on our news.

How will I renew my registration this year?

All registrants will use the new system from this autumn for their annual registration renewal. The renewal process will include updating your information and paying your annual retention fee. The process is quick and easy and user guides will be available on our web site in case you need them.

I am in the middle of a qualification recognition or registration application; how will I complete this process now?

If you started your qualification recognition or registration application using the paper-based process (that is you requested an application pack and are posting your documents into NMBI) then you should continue sending your paper documents.  

We will migrate your record to MyNMBI in September if the process is not complete and you will be able to track your application online. We will contact you with more details on this process closer to September 2020.

Can I submit my application before September 2020?

Yes. Please continue to follow the paper-based process for the moment. It is important to note however that we will stop issuing application packs for a short period before we switch from the current system to enable us to migrate all data to MyNMBI and to launch it for users. 

We plan to communicate the exact dates of the application freeze on our website.

I am an overseas nurse or midwife. Will I be able to apply on MyNMBI?

Yes, if you are planning to apply after September 2020.

From September all overseas qualification recognition and registration applications should be submitted and will be processed through MyNMBI.

When will I have more information on the new process?

MyNMBI is designed to be intuitive; you will answer a series of questions to allow us to classify your application and you will be informed of what documents you need to submit. We will also publish a step-by-step user guide to support you through the application process in August.

What will I be able to do online on MyNMBI after September 2020?

All registration services will be available on MyNMBI. These include:

Online Process Who will it benefit
Candidate Registration Students completing an under-graduate NMBI recognised programme at an Irish Higher Education Institute
Graduate Registration Irish graduates from local NMBI recognised programmes registering for the first time
Annual Renewal All of our registrants
Voluntary removal Registrants who wish to remove their name from one or all divisions of the Register
Certificate of Current Professional Status Registrants wishing to practice outside Ireland
Overseas Recognition Overseas nurses or midwives who wish to practice in Ireland
Recognition Registration Overseas nurses or midwives who wish to practice in Ireland
Restoration Previous registrants who would like to restore their registration in one or multiple divisions of the Register of Nurses and Midwives
Add New Division Anyone on our Register who wishes to add a new division to their registration

You will be able to check all your information and the status of any application you have pending. MyNMBI will also inform you of actions you need to complete to maintain or obtain registration.

The Candidate Register will be publicly available for the first time and will update in real-time. It, like the Register of Nurses and Midwives, will also be searchable by all though our web site.

I have submitted an application or I will submit an application before September 2020 and I have questions, who do I talk to?

For queries related to submitting an application before September 2020 and questions on an ongoing application please email: overseasreg@nmbi.ie or EUregistration@nmbi.ie or call 1890 200 116.

I have a questions about MyNMBI, who do I talk to?

You can contact the project team on nightingale@nmbi.ie

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